Destination Goa

Goa, often referred to as the ‘Rome of the East’, is a place laden with fierce influences of Portuguese cultures. It has a lot more to offer than just its unconventional beaches. For the frequent trip taker, go on one which is a relaxing yet exhilarating.


‘Siolim’ or as it’s locally called, Shivoli, is a word that is derived from two other words, Shiv meaning Lion and Halli meaning Village. Unlike its distinctive beaches, Goa is also known for possessing a significant amount of wildlife. Hence it’s no surprise that this modern village would’ve once been cloaked with exotic greenery and wildlife. Siolim also enjoys a good location by the Chapora River and is nearby to the unusual pine-wooded beach Morjim.


As autumn approaches, Goa experiences a refreshing change in the otherwise scorching temperatures. The months from October to early March are truly great as the seas are clear and calm, the days warm, the air balmy and the nights cheerfully pleasant.

Sun-lovers may choose to visit Goa during its hottest months between April to June when an average day’s temperature would be a blazing 40°C. Soon after the monsoon showers shed their first pours around July, much to the relief of the locals. During this time the Goan landscape experiences a surprising, almost overnight upturn of rich verdure.

However, internationally the most popular tourist months extend from October to late February.

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